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Prototype Companies – The Fastest Growing Industry for Manufacturing

Because of the fast-paced technological advancements of the past decade, prototype companies are on a quick rise. Now worth a million dollars, this industry continues to grow as its offered benefits continue to be made known. The sudden growth spurt from 2015 should be a good indicator of this since technology does not show any chances of slowing down. It is expected to become a billion-dollar industry half a century from today.

What do prototype companies offer?

  1. Quick printing of prototype parts
  2. Manufacturing of detailed product parts

What industries can prototypes be used?

  • Manufacturing

    Best benefit: the ability to manufacture missing parts quickly.

  • Healthcare

    The rapid prototyping industry is believed to significantly affect healthcare systems. It can produce medical devices, custom surgical models, and implants by demand.

  • Consumer goods (including tech devices): Rapid production of identical products or several orders of the same products have been made possible, at an even lower cost.
  • Automotive: 3D printing makes it possible to create highly detailed parts that traditional means would not have been able to do. In fact, a car made of 3D parts has already been manufactured successfully.
  • Defense/Aerospace: This should be a logical industry affected considering rapid prototyping’s effects on consumer goods, the automotive industry, and manufacturing as a whole.

What are the benefits offered by prototype companies?

Prototype Companies

  1. It saves time

    Prototype production is quick. So, manufacturing companies can more easily meet their deadlines when they commission the work of prototype companies to deliver them their needed parts. The transmission of the concept to the final 3-dimensional product makes it much easier for manufacturers to visualize and assess the possible strengths and weaknesses. Making decisions based on something merely written on paper will take time.

  2. It increases the production rate

    Because the work is quicker, the production rate can rise. Manufacturing companies will meet their deadlines and even go beyond their original target numbers.

  3. It decreases production costs

    Prototype companies provide a more cost-efficient alternative to the various industries they are producing for. While prototyping and 3D printing can be expensive to the individual customer, it will save big companies because their original manufacturing costs may be more significant.

  4. It makes way for a quick evaluation of improvement turnarounds

    Because of quick product turnarounds, prototype companies help industries produce beta versions. These versions can inspire feedback and recommendations that will be valuable in continuously improving the final product. If it takes a long time to produce the testing version, then it will take an even longer time to launch the actual product.

Prototype companies are on a continuous rise, and for a good reason. They certainly deserve how they are bridging the gap towards the first billion. These companies are contributing to basically all the industries that affect every one of us as consumers. It would be interesting to know what these companies can still deliver in terms of improvements. The technological advancements of the 21st century have helped them rise. In return, they are assisting continuous technological advancements.