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Reasons To Outsource Your Product Design Process to a Product Design Company

Running a company or startup is not easy. You’re faced with a myriad of challenges, one of which is in determining when to outsource a part of the process. Product design is such a vital step in delivering quality products that it can often be difficult to outsource this stage. However, with bottom lines and budgets becoming increasingly tight, companies can’t always afford to keep each phase of the product design process in-house, and knowing when to outsource product design is important to remain competitive and profitable.

When To Outsource To Product Design Companies?

It can be challenging to figure out if outsourcing product design and development is right for your business. There is never a wrong time to hire an outsourcing team, from the early beginning stages of the product prototyping to the time right before the product’s launch date. Outsourcing development is bound to enhance your entire product design process, from forming new hypotheses, putting it through various tests, and giving you innovative and fresh ideas. While there are many reasons to do so, which we will get to shortly, it is helpful to consider some simple questions about the current situation your company is in to make the decision easier. An affirmative answer to any of the following questions may indicate that the product design process is something your company should consider outsourcing.

  • Does your company have an engineering staff with limited expertise to a few core industries you are interested in expanding in?
  • Is it challenging to keep up with other competitors in the industry when it comes to new product development?
  • Are the internal resources of your company becoming more limited?
  • Does product development often go over budget?
  • Does the Research and Development team frequently fail to create cost-effective manufacturing processes for your company’s new concepts and ideas?

Reasons Outsourcing Product Design Is Often The Best Decision

If your company is wondering whether or not outsourcing the product design process is right for them, we put together a handful of reasons why it can be beneficial.


It’s common for both enterprises and startups to spend tens-of-thousands of dollars to build frequencies of an idea for a project, only to have to scrap it all due to the resources being burnt out or there’s not enough market appetite. Outsourcing to a professional product design and development company that understands and employs the lean methodology of this process can be incredibly cost-effective. By using alternative prototyping methods to test assumptions, outsourced prototyping firms can design and run hundreds of tests for multiple hypotheses.

Additionally, many companies that develop in-house prototyping can also run the risk of either overloading their current development team with the extra workload or find themselves being unable to provide steady development work should they source a new in-house development team while they test their current iteration. This leads to employee burnout and decreased work morale, which can certainly be costly in the long run. On the flip-side, you can employ an outsourced team on a project-by-project basis, meaning you only pay for outcomes, and not wasted time.

Quicker Market Release Time

With more efficiency, more knowledge, experience, and more full-time active employees in the workplace, it’s common sense for your product’s development to go much quicker than it would if you chose to do it all on your own. An outsourced team moves much faster through the design, building, and testing phases. When you outsource the product design phase to the right company, your product is bound to gain more efficiency and greater time management. When you have a group of individuals focused solely on your product and not worried about other tasks or duties, it is bound to be stronger, greater, and faster when it enters the competitive market.

Exposure To New Options

With more people involved in the product design process, your product is exposed to numerous sets of eyes, and with these eyes come brains that have the industry knowledge.

Your outsource team has the experience in the niche of your product and can offer you more solutions and insight to problems or suggest new ideas to make your design to enhance the success and demand of your product.

Additionally, a professional product design team will be able to identify flaws in your product or design that you may have missed, allowing for an early fix and smoother development in the later and more advanced stages. Outside product design firms will have a more realistic view of your product, helping it become more stable, stronger, and more likely to become successful.

Enhanced Time Management

Has your company ever assigned a timeline for a product, outlining every detail from beginning to end? If you’re like most enterprises and startups alike, the answer is probably ‘yes.’ This type of issue happens to virtually anyone who is engaged in product development on all levels, no matter what the product or industry is. Companies have the daily task of serving existing customers and manufacture existing products. Oftentimes, a new product means assigning people new tasks, in addition to the ones they already have. No wonder timelines fall apart so often.

Product Development Expertise

Do you have an interest in expanding into other core industries but do not possess the industry expertise? Even if you don’t know much about each and every detail that goes into this product, when working with a product design company, really all that you have to do is come up with the idea. Or, if you’re developing a product that, in order to move forward, requires a part of the design that you and your staff doesn’t quite understand, an outsourcing team is there to handle it all.

When companies outsource new product development, the outsource firm typically takes on the responsibility of meeting project deadlines. Because it's their job to do so, the product design firm works closely with its client to ensure every aspect of the work is done to specification. Directing their full attention to your product allows them to complete each stage in a timely manner and enables your people to continue their own work without being sidetracked by something new.

Bottom Line

Every company, whether a startup or an enterprise, wants more to increase their business. One of the reasons for starting a company is to serve a growing market and clientele. However, with tight budgets, even with a large company, new product development costs money. It's possible to keep the design process in-house, but this usually involves many hours of expensive and exhausting overtime for your staff, causing both productivity and profits to suffer during the duration of the design process until it is complete.

Using the best product design companies will leave the management of the product and the design up to the companies that hire them, while they handle all the testing and experimenting.

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