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Reasons To Use 3D Product Design

Technology brings imagination closer to reality, the best example to reinstate this is, how 3D modeling has changed the presentation world of product designs. 3D models are great multifunctional tools that help prototype manufacturers and designers get an idea of what a final product would look like. Using 3D modeling to showcase a product is the best alternative for a outstanding presentation of a new product design or idea to other company members or potential consumers. 3D modeling allows quick changes in that event that new ideas come up and require minor or major changes to the design.

Reasons To Use 3D Product Design

3D product designs are animated to show all the abilities and features of a product. Or, they even can be used in interactive applications allowing potential customers to get familiar with the product model, rotate it, and get a better idea of what it offers. The impact that 3D modeling has on product design is undoubtedly beneficial. Let’s take a look at some reasons why you should consider using 3D modeling during product design.


3D models are designed to create a product prototype to better evaluate its design concept, manufacturing costs, details, and other factors. Creating a 3D model is fairly versatile: The model can be created from a hand sketch, 2D drawing, or by allowing a designer to freely refine the model without creating any additional sketches demonstrating the product from different views.


Accurate Measurements

Modern 3D modeling software for product design will enable you to compare the size of a product relative to other similar objects. Seeing the real scale of a product will give the designer and potential consumers an idea of how large or small a product will be.

A View of All Angles

Having a 360-degree view of a product will allow you to see your product from all sides and angles, bringing light to even the smallest details, and better prepare you for the production process. A 3D design can clearly show the physical dimensions of the product. Companies and corporations everywhere have already benefited from using 3D content in their marketing campaigns and sales promotions.

Spectacular Animations

Quality 3D product animation plays a significant role in the success of a product marketing campaign. It showcases what the product can do and what the customers will get once the product is on the market and ready for use.

Marketing and Promotion

Speaking of marketing, photo-realistic 3D models can easily be used in any presentation, commercial, or ad campaign for the effective promotion of the product. Many companies have already experienced the success of using  3D content in their marketing campaigns and sales promotions.


One of the biggest benefits of 3D modeling is that stored data can be sent directly to machinery enabling production to start with automatic, pinpoint precision. With 3D modeling, companies can easily automate the manufacturing process.


As you can see, using 3D modeling can have a significant role in the success of your product idea. If you are interested in 3D models and are looking for a 3D product design company, look no further than GloberDesign. Our product design and development company provides a wide range of 3D modeling services for prototyping, building design, 3D CAD and more. In the package of design, our team offers three-dimensional modeling that helps to understand the object or the space nature. 3D modeling is one of the best options for displaying the features of a product through the usage of animation services and modeling. If you want to learn more about 3D product design or are interested in requesting a quote, contact us today!