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Reasons You Shouldn’t Resort To Cheap Prototyping Services

Whether you are someone with an idea for a or a manufacturer, it is common to seek prototype development services that will not take a blow to your wallet. Typically, those in need of prototype development choose options that are either overseas or through a cheap prototyping service. The challenge with these choices is that they may not provide the level of quality to ensure successful end-use production. Teaming up with a professional prototype design firm has the necessary technology, machinery, and other resources to make necessary alterations, will provide a faster time to market turn around and the production demands of your product.

In this blog, we’ll expand upon a few reasons why working with a cheap prototyping service may not entirely meet the needs of development and production.

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1. Validation of Design

Whenever in need of a prototype, there is typically a specific need and desired outcome associated with the prototype development process. Quality, cost, and speed to the market are all concerning factors. And while these factors are essential, findings obtained throughout the development process are vital when approaching the design validation and production stages of the product. Working with a full-service prototype design company will make accurate replicas of the final product through design and modeling processes. Completed prototype parts can be used to conduct real-life testing which will provide assurance that what you have learned from the process can be applied directly to the additional stages of prototype production.

2. Selection of Material

When a prototype is developed with a like-material, the final outcome is a like-part. The part may warp differently, flex differently, snap differently and so on. This is an especially important factor when testing the function of an assembly. During the testing process, proper material selection is just as important as hitting your critical dimensions. Cutting costs in the prototype development process may require the use of a material that is different from the material that is intended to be used for the final product, therefore altering test and design results.

3. Engineering Results

Some prototyping services can be dangerous in regard to how the mold is created. The prototype design firm you work with should look at your prototype part from a robust tooling perspective and work with you to make prototype user-friendly. The prototype design and development approach should be similar to what will ultimately be the same approach as a production tooling stage. This is an essential process needed to guarantee a seamless transition through the prototype development stage.

Product Design Engineer

Don’t risk ineffective prototypes by working with a cheap prototyping service. Team up with a company like Glober Design to ensure that the quality of your prototype is in alignment with your design and production specifications.