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Any basic business course will tell you that manufacturing is only the first step in getting your product on shop shelves. As it is your product, you know how amazing it is, but potential customers sitting at home have no idea that it even exists. For this reason, marketing is an essential when you want to give your product the right boost as it makes its way into the consumer’s lives. GloberDesign, a leading product design company, understands this and it has an entire team dedicated to guide you step by step in how to sell your invention.

In any other case, you may have to develop your idea with one company and market it with another. With GloberDesign, however, you can both develop and market it in one go. Not only does this save time, but as our team has worked on the product since its basic stages, they will know its exact advantages and will know how to market it accordingly. We know that marketing is not as simple as putting a few commercials on television and therefore our marketing team uses a multidimensional approach so that your product has every advantage as it hits the market.

The first important step in how to sell your invention is branding. This involves creating a certain kind of image of your company or product for capture the imaginations of your target audience. You must have noticed the weight a brand carries in any product. Certain clothes are sold solely on the merit of their brand and it is for this reason that you must establish a brand for your product. Another important aspect is the corporate logo. This may seem unimportant to you, but think of many times when you’ve gone into a store, seen a particular logo you recognized, and picked up the product without even reading its advantages. Corporate Logos make a statement about your product and can never be taken too seriously.

With online shopping growing every day, the relationship between your company’s website and your product’s success is obvious. GloberDesign can help you with the web design so that it is sure to attract potential buyers and get people talking about your product. Furthermore, GloberDesign’s connections with some of the largest distributors of the world will help the flow of your goods into the market. It will guide you in choosing the right distributor according to the specific needs of your product and your target buyers. Our services, however, do not stop there, we have other avenues of marketing that include brochures, business cards, and catalogues all of which are given equal importance and can contribute to making your product a success.

Lastly, licensing your product is one part of the process that you cannot ignore and we can help you make the right decision with this critical aspect. In the case that you would prefer to give over the rights of your design to the company that will manufacture it, GloberDesign can help you find a suitable manufacturer. In addition, we can assist you in signing the deal which establishes the royalties that you shall receive from the manufacturer’s profit.