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The process of design, manufacturing and prototyping a product is normally a process undertaken by design engineers, manufacturers, inventors and other professionals in different fields of design and production. It is through such process that new inventions are developed and eventually get to the consumer or the end user. These are some very important processes in the development and advancement of human life across the world. Most products in use today normally go through the same process before finally getting to the end users.

The process basically begins with an invention. An invention will normally address a problem that normal people face everyday. If a scientist, engineer or designer is aware of a problem, they will try to solve using various design methods. A solution to this problem will then be formulated and usually a product will be developed by the designer. This solution will normally be defined as an innovative design which will then lead to a prototype. A prototype is defined as a model of an invention on which a product is patterned. These prototypes vary in sophistication but most are usually working models. The process of turning an idea into a product is basically the initial process of developing the prototype.

Experts advise inventors and designers to register a patent for the product. This way, the product may then proceed to manufacture, either locally or at international factories. It is not essential to develop a fully functioning prototype as this can be very expensive. A virtual prototype can be generated using modern computer software. This is a much easier way of presenting a product to developers and manufacturers.

The process of developing a new product has a certain process. It begins with an idea which is termed as a solution to a problem. The idea is formulated into a solution through a design process. Usually, a professional such as a design engineer, a scientist or other expert will be involved in the design process. Design can be a tedious process because there will be plenty of trials and failures. However, modern technology such as wind tunnels, computer software and sophisticated laboratories has made it a much easier process.

The end product of the design is a prototype. This will be the outcome after successive models have been tried and tested and found to be functioning according to the desired model. This is the process through which a product design goes through the stages of development and tested before prototyping and the eventual manufacturing.