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Any electrical, mechanical, industrial design, civil engineering and architectural engineering which are the facets of various engineering disciplines are included in design engineering. Unlike the designer or a drafter; a design engineer deals with the entire working of the system including the inner working of a design. An industrial design is just a minor aspect to the entire procedure carried out by the design engineer.

Design engineer works on the design from its development stage, conceptualization and design detailing till the making of the prototype of the design with a team of engineers and designers and then comes the industrial designing which includes the conceptual aesthetic and ergonomic aspects of the design. The design engineer works with industrial designers to help in the marketing of the product by developing the product concept and specifications according to the customers’ expectations. Hence the design is developed based on the input received from various sources such as manufacturing, marketing, purchasing, tool making and packing engineering.

When the design made by the design engineer is unique and has never been implemented in the market; then the company or the design engineer has the complete right to design patent it. A design patent is a patent granted to unique designs of functional items. A design engineer deals with complex technology and scientific system which includes spacecraft, aircraft, rockets, trains, ships, damns, computers, mobile phones, infrastructure, building structures, military systems, cars, electronics, machinery, mining exploration systems, oil and gas, propulsion system, production system and in power generation systems.

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