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Industrial design or Gadget design is an amalgamation of applied art and applied science to improve the aesthetic, usability and ergonomics of a product. It also includes enhancing the product’s marketability and production also. The PCB design and fabrication is also a part of the gadget design and constitutes an essential role in industrial design. A PCB stands for printed circuit board or commonly known as printed wiring board most widely used in electronics for building electronic devices. The purpose of PCB in electronic device is to provide electrical connection to the components connected to it. In this case an Industrial designer is required to create and execute design solutions for the problems arising in the gadgets and in turn effecting the brand development and sales.

The industrial design is carried out by first the professionals at the industrial design firm doing complete research on the gadget, making a sketch of it, conducting comparative product research, model making, prototyping and then testing. This carried out in a team where the designers use 3D software, CAD design and program for designing the concept and then implementing in the production; initially in gadget design they make a prototype first; conduct the entire test for detecting interior defects. When the prototype passes the entire test; it is sent to the manufacturing process.

Thus industrial design not only aims in bringing new gadgets in the market but all helps in developing a product brand, marketing and sale keeping its usefulness, objective of development and the pricing of the device.