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Whenever a company or an individual develops an idea or creates something new, it is important to file for a patent. A patent is an individual, inventor or company’s right to own the property exclusively and any duplication, production, reproduction or use of the idea, machine, process or materials would not be allowed without the consent of the patent holder.

Patenting is very common in manufacturing, technology, research and some other industries. The basic requirements of patenting are an idea or a product must have some realistic use and should be proved to be functional and it should be absolutely new and there shouldn’t be any such idea, product or device known to the public of the same nature and for the same purpose. By filing for a patent and getting one, a company or an individual is protected by the federal laws and any theft, copying or using of the product by a competitor or any individual is punishable in the court of law.

GloberDesign caters to all types of patenting. Whether it is a design, an idea, a product or a process, GloberDesign can help you get a patent for anything that qualifies as per the federal norms.

There are many types of patent that one can opt for. The basic classifications are utility patent, design patent and plant patent. There are two other major types of patent known as provisional patent and process patent.

A utility patent is the most commonly opted for with any new machine, device, scientific research or technology would coming under it. A design patent is opted for where a design in any illustrated form is applied for patenting. There are standard regulations as to how the design should be presented along with the patent application. A process patent is where a new process is discovered or invented to create a certain product and one can own the rights of it. However, the process patent doesn’t prevent others from creating the same end product using other processes. A provisional patent is a temporary patent or patent pending status for a year by which one has to apply for a utility patent or design patent.

GloberDesign offers a complete solution of patenting, from making the patent application, providing all the necessary patent drawings, product illustrations, designs and other materials as are required for patenting to getting the patent approved. GloberDesign also offer copyrighting and trademark registering.