Why Sketching Is an Important Part of The Design Process

Why Sketching Is an Important Part of The Design Process

The product development process starts with your idea and is followed by Concept Sketches. The significance of sketching in the design process is huge, and the role differs from product to product. Let us understand the top five uses of sketching in the designing process.

Five Uses of Sketching

There are several uses of sketching in the design process, but the significant ones are as follows.

Rapid concept development

In many cases, time is the big element, if you introduce your product quickly you can gain an edge over other competitors. To create a product quickly, you need rapid concept development and it will start with sketching. If you spend one or two hours developing the sketch, you can create many possible designs using that sketch. Usage of manual sketches are easy to develop a basic design, hence many people draw a sketch on paper and then give digital form to it.

Easy to create a basic layout

Sketches are the best ways to build the basic layout in your illustration. Concept sketches are heavily used in the graphic and website design fields to evaluate the layouts in less time. You can create many series of thumbnail designs quickly. The hand sketch is also easy and takes less time if the design is simple. If your product includes detailed features, the usage of computer-aided technologies is necessary. Handmade sketches are often used by engineers since once they get a product idea, it is easy to draft a basic layout using pen and paper.

An effective way for getting clients approval

The most common problem many teams face is getting approval from the clients or the managers. The reason is, they lack presentability in their ideas. But if you use Concept Sketches, it will save enough time, energy, and effort. If you plan to produce a detailed product, it is not easy to convey your ideas without a proper sketch. If you incorporate the latest technologies and make a sketch with CAD will help to explain the features and get the approvals in quick time. This is why engineers are using CAD designs to make the approval process smooth and effortless.

Visual exploration

Visual exploration

You can use sketching to journaling your activity to explore and record your interests. The visual effects help to explore the several options you could make from your idea. The exploration of the vivid angle of the sketches helps to finalize the optimum design for your product—the visual design help to get the best layout and features for your ideas.

Refining designs

Before giving a shape to your product idea, it will go through many modifications generally. If you create sketches using CAD technology for design and manufacturing, the task becomes effortless since you need not start from scratch. It is common to identify the faults or improvements in the Concept Sketches in the initial stages until the sketch looks flawless. If you require several corrections to the original sketch, it is hard to perform using the traditional sketching methods. The modification to the products without sketches are challenging and almost far from reality.