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Different Dimensions of Industrial Design

Industrial designers are the key person to develop the product. As a result, we are also responsible for effective marketing and creating interest. Every team is concerned of how to develop or modernize the process. We have to ensure the image for the promotional strategy. All of these are necessary to assure a perfect user friendly experience. For this reason, our industrial designers are always eager to create ideas and make a change in whole process, for example, surveillance of competitive market, user, atmosphere and particular situation of the use.

However, industrial design Miami is a festive like show which is held in Miami, The USA in every December. Also, another similar show is regularly arranged in high tech city Basel, Switzerland. It was started back in 2005 along with some exceptional design. For our initial success, another show held in Basel. For our convenience, we have renamed it as design Miami. These programs are running parallel. Industrial design Miami provides two notable prizes each year. Designer of future and designer of the year award is the ultimate prize. Swedish design studio front, Zaha Hadid, Konstantin, Graham Hudson, Beta tank, interaction designer Marcelo Coelho and Jamie Zigelbaum, Tokujin Yoshioka have already achieved this success. This indicates a wide range of future scope for Industrial design Miami. Every year, an emerging designer picked up by our authority for his or her outstanding contribution to the whole procedure. But, he has to enrich us by his innovative new technologies, which is very important for us. For instance, to invent new object type, develop new approaches to the creative process; help to advance new designed philosophy and so on. Approximately 150 designers were requested for suggesting candidate for the second annual designer of the future prize. The selection committee has made up of influential members of the industrial design Miami. They have chosen “Front” from around 7 candidates in this year. Front is consists of four women. This award is given in Miami in December. It gives a great opportunity for every winner to celebrate and exhibit their worthwhile effort alongside the famous designers. As a consequence, Sofia Lagerkvist, Charlotte von der Lancken, Anna Lindgren and Katja Sävström got their ultimate outcome after their group discussion in Stockholm. However, bank gives them a huge opportunity by offering sponsorship. Without their help it would be extremely difficult to get success. All of these assist to make successful the industrial design Miami.



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