Get the right help to design your medical device.

Medical Device Engineering is an extremely important field in the design industry. Today with the discovery of newer illnesses, doctors and scientists are rushing to build and design devices that can help detect and treat people faster. At Glober design, we are extremely glad to be able to offer them a helping hand.

Glober design has a team of experts who are well versed in all aspects of design. Be it medical or industrial products, we know that the basic design philosophy behind them is that they should be simple to use. With this in mind, when it comes to designing devices for medical use, we provide support on the following parameters.

  • Consultation- The designer of a medical device is often from the medical or scientific community. They have an idea of a device but not the mechanical Know-how. At Glover Design, we ensure that we provide the best mechanical brains to the designer during the consultation phase. This helps us understand the concept and thought behind the device.
  • Make a virtual model – The next step is the most important one. The information garnered during consultation is passed on to the mechanical engineering team. The team uses the information to make a virtual working model of the device. This model is important because we can see how the device actually looks and if all the components are in the right place.
  • Making a POP model- Next our team transfers the virtual model into Plaster of Paris. This is the first time when the device actually comes to life. Making this model is extremely important as we can show the client the device and he or she can check if the device is exactly as per how they want it.
  • Making the working prototype – The prototype is one of the most important aspects of any design process. When it comes to medical devices, the doctor or scientist gets to use it in a live situation and check if it fulfils the purpose it was intended for. This is why it is important to have the proper expertise in each of the above steps. Any mis-calculation could cause the device to misbehave.

So, as you can see, engineering a device for medical purposes needs an expert touch. So , come to Glober design and we will guide you on the entire process of  Medical Device Engineering.


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