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GloberDesign is an ultra-modern technological establishment that specializes in the design and development of products and services for companies, industries and other tech-based organizations. They are well-known for transforming ideas into real products through the use of certain developed methodologies, such as concept sketching, computer illustration, engineering, 3D CAD, prototyping, patenting, manufacturing, packaging, logistics and marketing. The quality of service could be seen by the GloberDesign Reviews they are receiving from their clients.

Their team consists of expert professionals, such as industrial engineers, mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, hardware engineers, software developers, marketing specialists and patent agents. It can provide design and development for products even under the most urgent situations and times, thereby making them very proficient in providing turnkey services.

GloberDesign customer reviews demonstrate that whatever product or ideas you have in mind to create, innovate or design, be it in small or large scale, GloberDesign is there to make your visions and dreams come true.

 transform your invention into a real product


GloberDesign was founded by Jonathan Globerson in 2014. Jonathan is a product designer and industrial designer from South Florida. His company is well-versed in the use of software, such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Solidworks, Rhinoceros, AutoCAD, Bunkspeed Hypershot, 3D CAD, 3D Studio Max, etc.

GloberDesign renders services to companies and industries in the USA, China, Europe, Central America and worldwide.

GloberDesign is currently located in 17071 West Dixie Highway State, #301, North Miami Beach, Florida, 33160, the USA

GloberDesign Customer Service Reviews

As we walk you through GloberDesign company reviews, note that GloberDesign is a complete service product design and development firm, located in North Miami Beach, Florida. They have amassed a wide range of customers due to their integrity, efficiency and professionalism. A look at product design company reviews reveal how positively satisfied most of their customers are with the services of the company. Based on GloberDesign customer reviews, here are some of the things that can be mentioned about the company;

GloberDesign is Fast and Reliable

These days, most of the businesses are technology-driven because they want to respond to the needs of their subscribers without having to waste much time and energy or money. GloberDesign is aware of this and judging from their product design Miami reviews, GloberDesign has surprised their customers by delivering their services with lightning speed. GloberDesign is known to be fast and reliable as they deliver their services to their esteemed clients. And this is because of the fact that their efficient work ethic is aided by a very capable and professional team of experts.

They Are Highly Professional


GloberDesign has also wowed their customers with their high rate of professionalism, as they go about delivering their services to their clients. The professionalism we are talking about here is not only in the dressing style and myriads degrees accrued by their staff but also in their skill, competence and quality of their work. In the GlobalDesign client reference, a customer commented that never before has she “seen a company with so much professionalism as GloberDesign.” This factor is a real selling point as most of their customers are really raving about how great their job is. Little wonder why GloberDesign is well patronized by mighty companies not in the USA alone but also globally. Judging by GloberDesign customer reviews, many of the customers predict that in the next 5 years, GloberDesign will grow immensely to be a leading product design firm. Amazing, isn’t it?

GloberDesign Is Transparent and Customer-Engaging


Industrial design company reviews reveal that GloberDesign don’t just get to do all the work on their own, they engage their clients in it. There are several positive reasons behind this and one of them is they want their clients to get exactly what they want, which is a good business strategy. Another thing is that they want their customers to learn as they are guided through all the steps of product designing. As this process goes on, streams upon streams of new and innovate ideas come about and get incorporated into the 3D product design, thereby serving as a further development to the initial design. By this every customer goes home with their product design and most importantly, with the experience as well; which is one of the most exciting, trilling and brain-racking aspect of the job.

In a GloberDesign client review, their esteemed customers reported that they had a feeling of belonging and participation that they sometimes brag to their friends and colleagues on how they rubbed brains and ideas with professionals. What a pride!

GloberDesign Converts Your Ragged Dreams to Beautiful Reality

Product design ft Lauderdale reviews reveal that most, if not all, of their first-time customers walk into the company with their dreams and some levels of uncertainty; but when they come out, they are already tossed into their bright future with full confidence. This is such a rare quality of this great company as they are much more concerned about making your dreams a reality. In product design ft Lauderdale reviews, a GloberDesign customer named Osnat Raiter has this to say:


“I came into GloberDesign with a napkin sketch I made in a bar when I had my eureka moment. They took my Napkin sketch and vision, and created a real physical working prototype of my invention! I am so excited to actually hold a real product which I envisioned and the industrial designer and mechanical engineers at GloberDesign assisted me in creating. Initially, I had my doubts as developing a new product is not a cheap process, it included a lot of stages, marketing and patent research; and then product concepts with artistic product sketches. Later, it followed by converting it to 3D CAD modeling, and then 3D printing the invention. So, as you see, it is a long process. But overall, the team at GloberDesign did a wonderful job creating it. I am very thankful for all their hard work and labor.”


Another customer named Suzy Dickman lauds GloberDesign:

So glad to run across GloberDesign and team, they made my dream come true by converting it into a real working prototype of my invention! Their process is transparent and they involved me through all the product design stages, making sure I approve them before going into a final model.”

A lot of customer expresses this as they eulogize on GloberDesign resolve towards making their dreams a reality.

GloberDesign Prototypes are Eye-Catching and Amazing


Product design company reviews reveal that GloberDesign is known to be incredible and extremely creative in what they do. How? They create a state-of-the-art, innovative product design that stands out. Their prototypes are simply eye-catching and amazing. This compels a lot of people to patronize them, thereby increasing their customer base further in and out of the country.


GloberDesign customer reviews also demonstrate that most of their customers declare them as the best product design company in the whole of Miami.

GloberDesign Keeps Track of the Progress of their Customers


A company like GloberDesign does not leave you alone in the wild after delivering their job to you. GloberDesign goes as far as keeping track on their customers’ progress and also the success of their products in the market. They ensure this by assigning to you one of their personnel to properly supervise and guide you, as you make efforts to market your product to the world. By doing this, they stand by you and offer you the necessary support and advice to see to the success of your product not only in your locality but also in your country.

Clients’ comments on GloberDesign Reviews reveal that very few reputable companies are actually capable of doing this, as most companies are much more interested in delivering their services and getting paid without assisting you thereafter with whatever complication you might encounter in the near future.

GloberDesign Scores High on Customer Recommendation


An old Chinese proverb says, “When you have a great experience, do not keep it to yourself as you are not the only one who yearns for it.” This is exactly the case here because looking through the product design company reviews, 85% of the GloberDesign’s customers recommend the company to people who are on the lookout for companies that will develop and design their ideas and dreams. This is not a mistake because first-class services have been delivered to the customers by the company.

People are highly expectant these days and a result they set high expectations on whoever or whatever they deal with. GloberDesign has met these high expectations, as they are recommended by companies and customers alike.

GloberDesign Assists You in Your Background Researches


As you make your researches on how sellable your product can be in the market, there are certain factors you need to take into consideration. You need to be highly skillful and at the same time, you must be able to do some broad and critical reasoning as you make mental efforts as you try to determine the success of your product. Here is GloberDesign’s response to one of their customers named Galit who lauds the company in GloberDesign Reviews:

“Galit is a perfect example of a perfect client which we can help. She came in even before applying for a patent. All she had was a rough idea of what product she was looking to design. After assisting in making a market research of her new invention, looking at competition products and other related prior art patents, we were able to identify features would make her new product have unique features. We then jumped into the product design process from product sketches to product 3D modeling and even 3D printing her prototype invention. At the end, we assisted her in creating patent drawings and she submitted for a provisional patent application. Good luck, Galit. Looking forward to backing up your venture on kickstarter soon! ”


The following questions are often asked in this regard:

  • What spectacular feature should my product possess in order to oust its competitors?
  • How unique should the shape be?
  • How should it be designed?
  • What is the market value of such product?
  • How easily navigable should this product be?
  • Which cadre of consumer should I target? The superrich or the average earners?
  • Which other brands will I need to partner with to ensure success of the product?

GloberDesign will walk you through the statistics of competing product designs in the market and advice you on how best you can create an enormous opportunity for yourself. With GloberDesign, success is easy to achieve.

GloberDesign Makes You Come Back Begging for More


Following through product design company reviews, making your customers come back to have more of your services, you have to be well known not just as a company with crops of professionals, but also a company well known for their rare virtues, such as integrity, friendship, honesty, kindness, quality, etc. GloberDesign scores high on this aspect as their customers keep coming back in waves for more of their services. This is a good development as success needs to be reinforced in order to maintain consistency for a stable reputation. This great virtue of GloberDesign is sure to stand the test of time.

In GloberDesign Customer Reviews, here is what Rafael Chazan, one of satisfied GloberDesign customers, has to say about GloberDesign,

GloberDesign did a super professional work! They guided me to the right place with my new concept. Super responsive and excellent performance. We will definitely come back for all of our projects! Thank you! “

What more evidence do you need?

GloberDesign is Inquisitive and Communicative


In every order to get the desired result out of every dealing or relationship, communication has to be maintained. This is because it creates the avenue for similar ideas to be developed and for conflicting ideas to be aligned.

GloberDesign recognizes this and uses communication as a key to get the desired results for their customers. This is an important strategy as customer satisfaction is guaranteed.

Industrial design company reviews reveal how GloberDesign sits their customers down and makes them rhapsodize about how they really want their products to be designed, while they suggest ways of improving their ideas. This feeling of confidence and satisfaction is brought about by communication.

In GloberDesign Reviews, here is what Edward Boland has to say:

“GloberDesign did a great job on a prototype development- very happy with the outcome and they were communicative throughout the process. Highly recommend.”


GloberDesign Connects You to Successful People


As the old saying goes “Success is well connected to success.” Such is the case with GloberDesign, as they offer you a great service and direct you to reputable people or companies that are best suited so as to produce your goods to meet your stand no matter how high it is. In this way, the problem or stress of having to explain to a manufacturer or industrialist on how you want your product to be mass produced is eliminated. Also, the recommended manufacturers and producers are experienced enough to know what and how exactly you want your products to be manufactured.

How? GloberDesign will communicate with you long enough to know what you need and how you want it to be. This will also help in allaying further fears on errors in manufacturing and production.


In the GloberDesign Customer Reviews, it is very obvious that GloberDesign is a highly potential company going by what their customers have been saying about them in and out of the country. Their service delivery, techniques, methodology, professionalism, accuracy and speed, communication, integrity, brilliance, quality, virtues and supervision are well spoken of in high volumes.

Even after all of this, GloberDesign is not resting on their oars as they are hungrily expanding frontiers and breaking new grounds not only to expand their customer base but also to be versatile enough to assist dreamers in achieving their dreams and potentials.

However, GloberDesign is patronized by humans and so not all the customers will be satisfied with their services. GloberDesign customer reviews reveal that some customers are still yet to figure out their dreams and ideas and as a result they expect GloberDesign to do that for them. This is not possible as GloberDesign is not an organization that sells dreams; instead, they challenge you to take control of your destiny while they assist you in building it.

In conclusion, GloberDesign is leaving no stone unturned as it makes giant strides towards global recognition making its customer’s dream come true as it embarks on its mission to greatness.

Boldly pick up your dreams, walk right through the company’s doors and see the light in your future. What are you waiting for?

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