How important is packaging design to your product’s success?

Packaging design may not be functional at all. However, it can be everything for a customer when choosing to purchase a product. A good packaging conveys authority and quality in a product. Thus, customers are more likely to go for a product that’s packaged well. That’s why this process shouldn’t be looked over.

It’s part of marketing.

As silly as it sounds, lots of people buy a product for its packaging. Especially when purchasing online, consumers tend to check out the packaging design of the products they are looking to purchase. Thus, it should be designed to appeal to the product’s target market. Your packaging will greatly affect the customers’ first impression of the product.

Furthermore, around 90% of product packaging is being reused. Thus, it can be an inactive way to promote your brand or business.

People identify with your brand.

Your brand isn’t only about the logo of your company or business. It also takes into account the whole package. For example, Apple’s brand is associated with the sleek white box packaging of their products. Whenever people would see a white box, they would immediately know it is from Apple. Moreover, if you choose an eco-friendly packaging, it would tell so much about your brand.

Make sure your packaging reflects your brand’s and the product’s image. Whether you’re going for a minimalistic design or you want to go all out on your packaging, figure out if it goes with the image you want to portray.

It functions to protect the product.

Packaging in its essence is meant to protect the product it contains. A poorly-designed packaging will cost you a lot of expenses when the product is shipped and incurs damage during transit. Thus, the packaging design of a product truly serves a functional purpose rather than just an aesthetic one.

Although designing your packaging to be eye-catchy and appealing may be a top priority, you should never forget that it should serve its main purpose. Packaging should protect the product inside.

It has the ability to boost your sales.

You will be surprised by how much packaging affects your company’s revenue. If you do packaging the right way and allow it to showcase and promote your products well, you will realize how much it can affect your sales. It is reported that startup businesses have seen growth in their sales because of good packaging’s appeal to customers.

It gives customers an experience.

There’s a reason why unboxing videos are popular. There’s simply something about unpacking your product from its box or container. You want to give your customers an experience with your packaging. This will further improve customer satisfaction and help your marketing. All of which will help your brand and customer retention.

When designing a product, it’s crucial to not overlook the packaging. It may not seem so but it plays a huge role in consumer behavior. Furthermore, it may save costs and give you instant promotion if done right.