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3D Modeling

What is 3D modeling? This is basically a program that develops a three dimensional graphic on your computer using special software. You start with a wire frame model that be an inanimate or a live object. Three points are picked out from the 3D space that are then connected by either curved surfaces or lines.

The models have three processes to make them 3D:

1.       Polygonal modeling: The three points or vertices are connected in the 3D space. These models are very easy to create with straight lines and flexible. Curved surfaces will not come out exactly the way you would like them.

2.       Primitive modeling: This is the easiest form of 3D modeling. Geometric primitives are used, such as a cone, cylinder, balls and cubes to make very complex models. Due to this, the models are created mathematically for accuracy and are used in technical designs.

3.       NURBS modeling: Non-uniform ration B-spline are used in software such as Maya. With this model, you can add smooth surfaces to your 3D models. This is the opposite of polygonal and can create accurate    smooth curves.


CAD actually stands for Computer Aided Design.  It is used by skilled professionals to draw mostly construction plans and all kinds of planning. These people are drafters, architects, artists and engineers.

With CAD, lines can be adjusted and stretched in to shape and any position. A lot easier than drawing them by hand. The lines on the plan are captured as a vector by using mathematical equations. With this software, you can design either a 2D or a 3D model and adjust the zoom in or out to view at different angles.

Product Design

This is how new product design are produced and designed. It simply means ‘coming up with new ideas’. Some ideas that designers think of are: needs based which is where they look at making something easier in our daily lives. It does not have to be a new product. An already established product may need updating; imaginative thinking is where the designers try to think about new ideas that can due to their own observations and research. Once an idea has been found, it is time to work on the prototype. When all the materials and design has been tested, it will go out into production.

Now with new technology and software 3D models can be made of the product, such using plastic injection molding as well as computer software to see how the product will work.