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Every great product that we see on the market shelves with customers hurriedly buying them started out as just an idea. There are many different ways to invent a new product but choosing the right one can make all the difference in its success as it enters a market of fierce competition. GloberDesign, a product design company based in Miami, can show you how to invent a new product step by step so that you experience as less hassle as possible and still have your efforts yield an excellent result.

Is it essential to have someone guide you as you invent your product? Yes, because you probably know that simply coming up with a great idea is only the first part of the journey. There are many different stages that go into perfecting that invention and GloberDesign can help you do it. Our company can help you right from the preliminary conceptual designs right up to the licensing of your product with a manufacturer. In this way, we try and bring together all the various phases of product development under one roof so that you spend less time getting juggled between different companies and can focus your energy into creating a great product.

GloberDesign staffs a brilliant team of well trained professionals at the top of their field who specialize in a variety of studies such as creating a 3D model of your design or coming up with your product’s logo. In this manner, we offer a holistic approach to creating your product and can define the many aspects on which your product’s success depends. Our team can start with the basics of product design in which conceptual sketches are made of your product, which eventually transforms into a 3D design. Your product’s design is particularly important because the design can be the make or break factor in the determining its value.

An important aspect of inventing your product is creating an accurate and appealing prototype. GloberDesign can assist you in this with our rapid prototype technology which is often simply called 3D printing. Through the use of computer aided drafting, we creating your idea into a 3D object, which you will find especially useful when dealing with prospective clients. The question may have popped into your head that what is the use of the prototype? A prototype is essential when a client decides to invest in your idea. As opposed to simply viewing a visual of it on a screen, GloberDesign provides you with a prototype that the client can hold and gain valuable insight about the product’s texture, space, weight, etc.

Our services, however, do not simply stop there. We offer assistance right up to the last stage knowing that you may be more comfortable having one company oversee the making of your product as opposed to a large number. Whether you have to sign a deal or want to find the right marketing strategy, our team can find the suitable avenue for you. In addition, our company’s association with distributors and factories around the globe will make it easier for you to find services that suit your product’s needs ideally.