Learn More Important Things About Patents


Basically, the patent is the exclusive rights to the assignee or inventor for the specific period of time. Patents are available in the form of any intellectual property. Patent idea or product is one of the services rendered by the Globerdesign. The patent drawing often accompanies the patent application. It also includes the details and an illustration of an invention. Patent drawings are widely accessible more than hundred years. As the technology grows up, the techniques of patenting an idea also become easy and simple. Although Globerdesign is the product design company, we specialize in assisting clients to create designs for the inventions and also preparing patent drawings with the help of most recent, cutting edge technology.

We employed a variety of designers, engineers and other professionals ready to assist you at every stage of the prototyping and product design to marketing and web design. 3d modeling is one of the efficient services that Globerdesign offers. In fact, 3 modeling is superior and recommended one when compared to the 2d modeling. It allows the observer to grasp the concepts easily and find how the machine will operate. The exact measurements, size, dimension and shape of the invention can be easily outlined far better. Many companies witnessed how effective we are by using our product design services. We have successful clients from all over the world that ranges from Coca Cola Israel to fan-cooling power breezer.

We help our clients with a utility patent, design patent, trademark and copyright also. Your invention can be patented easily as per your needs and requirements. We collaboratively work with professional patent agents as well as patent attorneys in the market to offers you full assistance at any stage of the product. The development process and the materials used are very important to file the utility patent. But design patent doesn’t require the materials and development details; it just requires how the creation will look. We can create a reproducible design through technical and artistic skills. Both of the utility and design patent goes works well when you get help from the Globerdesign. The design patent helps to secure the deleted files as well. As the rise of new technology, our team mostly uses most advanced technical methods in protecting the inventions.

It is highly recommended to secure the intellectual property before revealing it into the marketplace. Contact us anytime and from anywhere to get assistance from the certified patent attorneys and agents.

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