Patent Your Idea To Avoid Copying

Basically, patent helps to protect the invention and allows you take any legal action against the person who makes, sells, uses or imports the invention without any permission. If you like to have patented an idea, then you can apply for the patent through Globerdesign. Getting the patent may be expensive and complicated when you try to apply for any international patent. It recommended getting advice from the professional advice or patent attorney at Globerdesign. Patents are the best protection to keep the invention safe and give the ownership to the specific idea. Our patent attorney team will always ensure that the application is filled completely and correctly that includes all legal claims.

How to apply for patenting an idea:

  • Search for the availability of similar patents that helps to make sure the invention is new
  • Fill the needed details and prepare the patent application
  • File the patent application
  • Get the search report and finalize whether you like to continue the application or not.
  • Applications are published within specific months.
  • Ask for the substantive examination
  • Applicants will be selected or refused.


You can widely benefit from the patent once it’s granted. Many people have great ideas, they don’t know how to turn into money. Ultimately, Globerdesign intended to help all those people and service them to run a great business. We help you in both the design patent and utility patent. If the invention holds the unique visual appearance, then consider about the design patent, but utility patent also another to proceed. In order to market any product, you need to develop product prototypes. Globerdesign is the trustworthy vendor that can work on prototyping even before applying for the patenting. Once the working prototype model is ready, then you can easily concentrate on the marketing process. Globerdesign happy to cater most types of patenting option to make you comfortable and convenient at your output.


Consult with the Globerdesign team for any help in patenting an idea, product prototyping and whole stage product process. Here at Globerdesign, get the premium quality service for your demands and requirements. We have thousands of satisfied clients throughout the world, who greatly impressed with our unique service. GloberDesign always cares more for larger and even small business. We value your innovation, idea and money, and ready to offer intellectual protection for the product prior releasing into the market. Globerdesign also provides extended service in 2d and 3d models.


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