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A product design company is entrusted with the complete cycle of industrial design as well as a horde of associated services. As a company, you would truly benefit when a single product design company works on the entire manufacturing process, right from conceptualization to manufacturing. It is also desirable and more rewarding if the same product design company caters to the launch and branding of the product that has been designed, conceptualized and created by the same product design company.

GloberDesign is a rare product design company that caters to every service that you may need at various stages of the production line. With our expertise, range of services and the efficiency and uniqueness you can see your projects through fruition in a truly holistic manner.

The horde of expertise that GloberDesign brings to the table can be categorized into product design or industrial design, prototyping, manufacturing, patents, web design and marketing. From the very classification of services you can gauge the fact that with us and our range of expertise, you get a start to end solution for your projects.

As a product design company we specialize in concept sketches, 3D modeling, mechanical engineering, CAD design, product packaging and even POP display. We have a stringent prototyping practice which involves extensive processes to transform an idea into the best prototype. Our manufacturing not only includes the entire production line but also logistics and shipping. With an impeccable record of qualitative products, you can entrust us with any extensive manufacturing and we would deliver the products at your site on time, every time.

It is ideal if a product design company also caters to patenting. Applying for patents and getting them licensed can be a long and tiresome experience. It calls for specific awareness of the entire system of applying for patents and seeing them through. GloberDesign specializes in prototyping, manufacturing , packaging, patent drawings, provisional patent approvals, utility patents, design patents or trademark and copyright. Whichever type of industrial design you may wish to have patented, we can get it done.

While it is not common for a product design company to offer marketing solutions, in this era of web based solutions and ecommerce, it is only rational that a product design company also offers various types of logo design, brochure designs, web design and everything from business cards to an SEO strategy or catalogs.

GloberDesign is a company that offers you a gamut of services, having which you would hardly need any assistance from another company to see your product developed, launched and marketed.