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GloberDesign is a proud owner of an effective product design studio where it performs its entire product designing functions and patent related works.

GloberDesign on product design

The product design studio of GloberDesign is equipped with host of professional designers who can create designs through holistic combination of art, science and technology. The Company will provide you with 3 dimensional representation of the product design that will not just be visually appealing but you can get a feel of the concept.

Product Designing method at GloberDesign

GloberDesign believes in utilizing the best of technologies available in the market. With the availability of 3 dimensional printers, product designing has taken a large leap. The 3 dimensional designs developed by GloberDesign are not just informative but also has a visual appeal. The 3 dimensional printers print the designs in an upward fashion with the help of a plastic like substance. This is different from the 2 dimensional print outs where the ink spread across the print paper.

GloberDesign uses the latest of technology, that is, CAD, that helps in product designing. It uses concept sketching at its initial stage and then the sketches are into 3D models through a process called rapid prototyping. All these procedures take place in the product design studio and design firms of GloberDesign that is scattered all over the world. Its headquarters are located in Miami, Florida.

But before the packaging of the product GloberDesign also takes keen care in going to depths on the understanding of the product to be designed. After several brainstorming interactive sessions and prototyping models a product design is finally developed.

Thus, product design studios of GloberDesign are a witness to lot of hard work and dedication from its valuable professionals.