Protect your invention with patenting

When you have any idea, it is important to protect it as soon as possible. Make sure to patent idea after evaluating the marketability. Many people think that patenting will be costlier. But it is not at all true. The patent attorney or patent agents will code large fees only for large files, it is very cost effective for individuals and companies that like to protect their inventions.

Patenting the new design or product is extremely important to safeguard it from copying. The best way to protect the invention is applying for the provisional patent. Globerdesign is the product design firm that also helps you in patent idea. This method also helps to avoid repeating design and authorized person will get legal owner authorization for the specific invention.

GloberDesign offers provisional patent when it comes to protecting your idea and also keeping it safe. When it comes to inventing a product, the journey involves design, protection and commercializes inventions.


The first step is to design the product. Get assistance from the Globerdesign professional developers and have the working prototype. We have product developers to help from the initial stage of design and with 3D models, CAD, prototyping and help to sell the idea to investors that include patent application. The prototype can be any detailed animation or drawing, or physical model. With a perfect prototype, you can acquire opinion about the product whether it goes on the right track. The prototype evaluation assists to uncover an essential feature need to change before moving to the next stage.


Inventions must be protected thoroughly through patenting. Here at Globerdesign in Miami, get various types of patents, including design patent, utility patent and plant patents. On the other hand, intellectual properties like songs, symbols, books, sayings and even works of art can be protected by either copyright or trademark protections. We have paten professional expertise to handle any patent idea.


Launching the new product involves various steps includes product design, development, testing, funding, manufacture and reach customers. You can get help from our professional team to commercialize your products and inventions.



We have a patent invention expert who assists clients with the idea and has experience in consulting many firms with innovative product design. Globerdesign is best friend of many clients when it comes to protecting the idea and keeps it safe. Feel free to dial up GloberDesign customer care service that operates 24/7 for any assistance at any stage of your product.

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