What Is A Prototype And Reasons To Prototype An Invention?

Every new idea encourages the scientists and engineers to design and create a new product. They have to face a number of obstacles in the entire process right from the beginning to the ultimate introduction of the product in the market. In order to make this process easy and smooth the inventors of new products make a quick prototype of their design. This prototype also offers various other benefits discussed here under.

Invention prototypes

Before discussing the benefits of a prototype you must know what prototype is? A prototype can be defined as the first functional and full scale model of the new design.

Reasons to make a prototype

Inexpensive way to avoid failure: Invention prototypes are normally made to avoid the risk of failure as it is the most inexpensive way to find out the faults in the design and amend them before introducing the product finally in the market.

Collection of accurate requirements: Inadequate availability of requirements can compel you to bear nearly half of the cost of the project to work on it again. Traditionally used techniques to gather requirements like focus groups and interviews etc. may not be enough to convince people as most of the do not believe on your idea before you show them their actual shape. You can show the functioning of your product to know the requirements for its final product by creating its functional prototype.

Technical understanding of the issues: In order to understand that you may have to face while introducing final product invention prototypes play a great role. You can easily know the predictable and unpredictable problems in the design of the device, by developing its functional prototype. It will also help you in developing your product more elegantly by applying the solutions you have found out after using the prototype.

Resolve challenges: If you have a strong opinion about the use of particular feature then you can be the best engineer. But difference in opinions of several engineers can result into a conflicting situation which cannot be resolved only on the basis of guesses, experiences and opinions unless you have something solid to work on. A prototype can help you in implementing your different features quickly on it to know about their performance and analyse their results. It not only saves time but also makes it sure that your decisions about the design are correct.

Bring in financial support: The demonstration of a prototype can help in convincing the investors about the feasibility of the idea and encourage them to invest on your idea due to low risk on their investment.

Easy to file patent: Though today’s laws of patent and trademark do not need to file a model or prototype while filing for patenting the invention still it is one of the best ways to convince the authorities and show the reduction of the use of technology in practice.

In this way, a functional prototype of an invention is very effective way to find out the faults in the basic idea and improving the ultimate product before introducing in the market.

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