The Benefits of Concept Sketches

Concept sketches have been essential in the design process even before the advent of technology. A simple pen and paper will do wonders in the hands of a creative mind. Here are some benefits of sketches.

Creativity jump starter

There are often times when a product designer or developer may have a creativity block, much like when a writer gets a writer’s block. Doing sketches may help spark creativity and ideas. You may not know where your simple sketch will bring you. It also helps keep the creativity juices flowing if you’re feeling like you’re running out of ideas.

Sketching is a great way to extract your creativity without forcing things. It doesn’t help that the act itself is both relaxing and entertaining.

It’s quick and easy

Anyone can pick up a pen and paper to make a quick doodle or sketch. This is highly convenient for creatives during those ‘eureka’ moments. Making a sketch doesn’t take up much time and effort. Furthermore, it’s an instant way to save any random ideas for future development or modifications.

Although plenty of computer programs are available, the traditional way is still more convenient for instances where a sketch has to be made quickly and when a computer is not readily accessible.

Quick concept development

Doing a concept sketch allows a designer to quickly develop an idea or concept for a product. At the early conception of an idea, there isn’t a clear path or direction for a concept. Furthermore, there may be a variety of ideas going through someone’s mind. Sketching them out allows the designer to collect his or her ideas in an organized manner.

Furthermore, your first idea is never your best one. Thus, sketching can help you improve on past ideas and concepts.

Concept Sketches

Explore design possibilities

With quick concept sketches, designers have the freedom and flexibility to explore various designs concepts. If you have new ideas for an existing product or prototype, you can quickly explore possibilities through sketches. Furthermore, you can easily do it wherever you are. You don’t have to be in front of a computer or using any gadget to make a simple sketch. So when creativity sparks, you can easily explore your ideas.

Good visual communication tool

It can be tricky to communicate your ideas verbally when it comes to design. That is why sketches are the best communication tool you can use. It’s a visual tool that helps you materialize what’s in your thoughts. For example, if you are proposing a design to a client, you’re expected to provide at least good visuals to help convey your idea effectively.

Furthermore, sketches help explain and instruct whatever concept you might have that are not possible to convey through other means.

Concept sketches still remain relevant although computers are virtually being used in any type of industry. It’s a skill that’s highly valuable in the field of design. Furthermore, it’s living proof that human creativity is something that can’t be replaced by computer software. At GloberDesign we have the most talented industrial designers to provide high-quality concept sketches for your product.