How to Use 3D Models & CAD Design to Plan Your next product launch

How to Use 3D Models and CAD Design to Plan Your next product launch

The implementation of CAD Design has changed the designing industry immensely. If you plan to launch a new product, CAD and 3D models can completely change the game. They offer many advantages in design and prototyping. So, let us look at how these technologies can help you in the product design and launch process.

CAD Design and 3D models usage in product launch

Idea generation

If you wonder how CAD design can help you generate ideas, you can incorporate these technologies in two ways and benefit from them. Making sketches from CAD will help to save time in modifying the initial design without creating from scratch. These designs will also help to get better ideas since the 3D visuals help to access everything of the product.

Idea screening

Once you have shortlisted the ideas, you will start eliminating other ideas. In this process, if you have CAD designs for every idea, it will help you analyze the ideas better. These designs help to gain more insights into your designs.

Testing and concept development

In this stage, 3D models and CAD designs will help you immensely. You will start filling the flesh to your idea in this phase, and through CAD, it is effortless and less time-consuming. Testing is also possible on the stage by producing a single CAD or 3D model; of course, you need to perform tests on the final products, but doing in this stage will help to rule out the major glitches and shortcomings.


If you are involved in the entire steps, your knowledge of CAD will help develop a market strategy. The reason is you are the one who has complete details of the product. Creating powerful ad campaigns with producing visual designs will help to attract customers.

Business Analytics

If you design your product with CAD, you can see all the minute details of your product. It will help to analyze the cost by considering the precise measurements. With the 3D modeling on your hand, you can evaluate the exact cost of your new product. There are many things involved in cost analysis, but CAD Design and 3D modeling will help you calculate accurately.

Product development

Product development

In product development, CAD and 3D modeling play a major role. This is where prototypes become essential, and 3D modeling will help achieve the same, especially if your product is unique and needs to be introduced quickly before competitors come into play. Here rapid prototyping is needed, and producing prototypes with 3D modeling helps in creating in quick time. This will save the time and resources needed to produce your first production model.

Test Marketing

The test marketing needs the actual product or its image to start the sales campaigning. The images and videos of your product are needed to design attractive and informative advertisements. The 3D prototyping will make it easier to educate the sales representative about the features and how to use your product.