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5 ways 3D Printing Designs is affecting the design industry

3D printing designs have gained widespread popularity over the years. It makes use of computer-aided design to manufacture three-dimensional objects. This is achieved through layering many materials such as plastic. Companies are using 3D printing to produce their designs Traditionally, companies send out product designs to manufacturers with specific details. Then, they wait for the…

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Computer Aided Design


3D Printing Designs can seem to be a little complicated and confusing. Different software, different materials, different printers, and also various printing technologies are used in making 3D Printing Designs. So if someone is starting 3D Printing, it is very normal to feel like you don’t know what you’re doing. But if you are reading…

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3D Printing Designs

5 3D printing design essentials every marketer must know

3D printing turns resin or spools of plastic filament into physical objects based on 3D printing designs. This technique is literally out of this world for people who don’t get the science behind it. As the process allows the transformation of digital design into a tangible object, it has found a myriad of applications. What…

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